Group Skating Information

Youth Groups & Field Trips

  • Groups must schedule their facility visit at least two weeks in advance to ensure space and proper staffing. Call 955-4024 to make your reservation.
  • Youth groups must have sufficient adult supervision as follows:
    • 3-5 years of age= one adult per three children,
    • 6-10 years of age= one adult per six children,
    • 11-17 years of age=one adult per ten participants.
  • Skate rental fee charged to all participants.
  • Adult supervisors must be in the immediate area with their group at all times, including being on the ice or the pool.

Instructors for hire

If you would like to hire a professional skating instructor to enhance your skating enjoyment please contact the instructors directly to confirm availability and fees. Instructor fees must be paid separately.

  • Please see the Ice Arena "Lessons" Page

Suggested Skating Clothing for safety and comfort: Some sort of helmet or hat, long sleeve shirt or jacket, gloves, long pants and TALL SOCKS.

Public Skating Rules and Regulations

  • Obey rink attendants and staff at all times
  • Be courteous, safe, and responsible
  • Stay on rubber flooring when wearing skates. DO NOT walk on the cement floors/stairs.
  • Skate under control: Excessive speed, rough housing, fighting, tag, keep away and chain skating are NOT allowed.
  • Please see rink attendant for skater training aids
  • Do not pick up or carry your child while skating
  • Skate in the direction of flow with other skaters; avoid sitting, lying or sliding on the ice.
  • No food or drinks allowed on the ice
  • No headsets, cell phones or any hand held electronic device allowed on the ice
  • Do not wear shoes on the ice, ice skates only
  • Center ice freestyle circle is for advanced skaters only
  • Do not bring items on the ice that may interfere with skater safety (No hockey sticks or pucks during public or group sessions)
  • Do not sit on the boards
  • Do not block the ice rink doorways, use caution when exiting or entering the ice surface.
  • Do not intentionally chip or damage the ice with your skates
  • Avoid foul or abusive language
  • Please return your skates to the skate shop when finished

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our rink a safe and fun environment. For skating questions please contact Skating Coordinator Tom or 955-4031