Youth Programs


School Closure Day Camps


Day camps will be offered throughout the school year on select weekdays when the public schools are closed. The cost is $35 per child per day camp and parents/guardians must provide a lunch and snack food for their child(ren). Programs are designed for children 6-12 years old. Activities include sports, swimming, ice skating, and social games. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.


 Day Camp VI                December 26,2014         Winter Break

 Day Camp VII              December 29,2014         Winter Break

 Day Camp VIII             December 30,2014         Winter Break

Day Camp IV                 December 22,2014         Winter Break                               

Day Camp V                  December 23,2014         Winter Break

Day Camp IX                January 2, 2014               Winter Break


After School Youth Program

Registration will begin August 4, 2014

Weekly sessions will be offered throughout the school year. Registration is required in advance of the first day of each session in order to secure a spot for your child that week. Each day includes a snack followed by one supervised recreational activity, followed by  homework help from our smart staff! The cost $50 per week per child. The GCCC will provide a healthy snack each day. (Children with severe food allergies must bring their own snack each day). Transportation is available at Pinon, Chaparral, and Kearny only. Parents/Guardians must pay in full and register before the first day of each session for which transportation is requested. No children will be transported without prior payment and registration.

After School 2014

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Call for additional information: Melissa Bustos 505-955-4005



Playzone ( Drop-In Babysitting )

PlayZone $3.00 per visit, maximum of 2 hrs. $30 per 11 visit play pass. $66 per 25 visit play pass.   Monday-Thursday: 8:30 am – 1:30 pm Friday: 8:30 am – 11:30 am

Play Zone Rules

  1. Child(ren) must be at least 24 months old and not older than 6 years.
  2. A maximum stay of 2 hours per day is allowed for each child. Disregard of this limit may result in loss of PlayZone access.
  3. Parents/Guardians must remain inside of the building at all times during their child(ren)’s stay in the PlayZone.
  4. In order to provide service to any child/ren who shows signs of illness; including fever, runny nose, bad cough or any contagious conditions, a Doctor’s release will be required.
  5. In order to provide adequate care for the children, a limit of 12 children is maintained. If necessary, a waiting list will be started and children will be admitted as space becomes available.
  6. Parents/Guardians must sign their child(ren) in and out at each visit. Children will only be released to the parent/guardian who is listed on the registration form.
  7. Please provide external labels on all personal belongings.
  8. Please provide child(ren) with a snack for their stay in the PlayZone.
  9. Children are required to wear their shoes at all times in the PlayZone.
  10. Parents/Guardians must provide disposable diapers [no cloth diapers] and wipes. Children must wear clothes over their diapers and/or training pants.
  11. In the case of an evacuation, parents/guardians must exit workout area as directed. PlayZone staff will evacuate the child(ren) and meet parents/ guardians outside the building near the main entrance.

Children’s Safety & Recreation Division Requirements for Children in All Facilities

Call 955-4005 for More Information


The Best Place in Santa Fe to have an Exciting Birthday Party!

Weekday Package: Available Monday – Friday, $110.00 for 10 kids. This package includes use of a private room for 1 hour and ice skating with skates included during public skate sessions.   Weekend package: Available Weekends only, $150.00 for 15 kids. This package includes use of Ice Arena Party Room or a classroom for 1.5 hours and ice skating with skates included during public skate sessions.   Skating Party Package Cost is $110 for 10 kids, includes use of a private room for one hour and ice skating with skates included during public skate sessions.   Swimming Party Package Cost is $90 for 10 kids, includes use of a private room for one hour and swimming during public swim sessions.   Party Combo Package Cost is $130 for 10 kids, includes use of a private room for one hour, swimming, basketball and/or skating (skates included) during public sessions.   Many families like to extend their birthday party visit. You may extend the use of the room for $65 per hour. Each additional child, over the party package limit will pay the daily drop-in fee and $3.00 skate rental, if skates are needed. Chaperones are required and are invited to participate at no extra charge. Chaperones must remain with the children at all times.

Call 955-4024 for More Information