Outdoor Recreation News

Sustainable Santa Fe

The Sustainable Santa Fe Plan addresses both how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and how to make the community more resilient in the face of climate change.


Foothill Trails Map

The City of Santa Fe Public Works Department has released a new Foothill Trails Map that includes information for the Dale Ball Trails and its connecting trails: the La Tierra Trails, and the Arroyo Hondo Trails. Trail users now have one map to reference for over 50 miles of wilderness trails just minutes from downtown… Read more »


Check Out the New Walking Trails Guide!

The City of Santa Fe Recreation Division and the NM Department of Health are pleased to present an electronic version of the prescription trail guide.  This guide will help you find the some of the best parks and trail walking paths in Santa Fe. It’s never too late to get up and get moving! Check it out here…www.visionmedianm.com/2013RxPrescriptionTrails