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Summer Leisure Pool Rules and Regulations

Beginning Tuesday, May 29 the pool, with the assistance of the front desk, we will begin selling and using wristbands to count/limit swimmers in the LEISURE POOL. The importance of limiting swimmers is to make sure that we provide the safest environment possible, while providing space to our internal camp, visiting groups, drop-ins and our members. It is imperative that we follow this protocol to provide the correct lifeguard to swimmer ratio for our recreation sessions.

We will offer passes for sessions:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday       Wednesday                       Friday                                                   Sat./Sun.

11:00am-12:30pm                            11:00am-12:30pm            11:00am-12:30pm                            10:00am-11:30pm

1:00pm-2:30pm                                1:00pm-2:30pm                1:00pm-2:30pm                                12:00pm-1:30pm

3:00pm-4:00pm                                3:00pm-4:00pm                3:00pm-4:00pm                                2:00pm-3:30pm

6:00pm-8:00pm                                                                             6:00pm-7:30pm                                4:00pm-5:30pm


Passes will be counted by the pools’ recreational supervisor and given to the front desk, half an hour before the start of each session. There are several contributing factors that provide or limit the number of passes for a given session and include: number of lifeguard staff, reservations, internal group numbers, number and type of swimmers (tots vs. older kids) and the pool supervisor’s discretion. Passes will be color coded for each session and labeled, if more than one session’s passes are given to the front desk, at a time. EVERY SWIMMER USING THE LEISURE POOL MUST PURCHASE, AND WEAR THE WRISTBAND TO BE ALLOWED ACCESS TO THE LEISURE POOL. Passes for sessions are sold separately and no more than half an hour before the next scheduled session’s start time. GCCC Members do not pay extra for session passes, but must receive their wristbands on a first come first serve basis, with the general public. Wristbands are valid for one recreation session only.

Please ask or educate patrons that:

  • Swimmers of the age 7 or younger must be accompanied in the swimming pool (water) and within arms-reach.
  • Swimmers may not use flotation devices unless listed as US Coast Guard Approved.
    • GCCC provides lifejackets on a first come first serve basis.
  • Swimmers must wear proper swim attire with total coverage and take a soap shower before entering the pool.
    • No underwear will be permitted to be worn at any time in the swimming pool.
    • T-shirts and other form fitting “cover-ups” are allowed.
  • Food, glassware, gum and beverages other than water or juice are not permitted on the pool deck

Lightning watches, warnings and closures:

The GCCC Swimming Pools, including Sauna, will close during lightning storms and swimmers will be removed from the pools and decks. The Pools will be closed initially for a duration of 30 minutes and then in 15 minute increments, until the electrical storm passes to a safe distance from the facility. We close the pools when there is electrical activity within a 3 mile radius of the facility. During closures, it is recommended that swimmers refrain from taking showers, use land-line telephones and be outside in the storm. In the event that the GCCC Pool closes for more than a reasonable amount of time and a user decides to leave the facility, the user will be given a “raincheck” to come back on a different day.

Waitlist for a sold-out session:

If the Front Desk thinks it is reasonable, they will create a waitlist for swimmers to receive wristbands for sold-out session. Should the pools’ recreation supervisor be able to accommodate additional swimmers, they will notify the Front Desk via phone or radio, that additional passes will be made available for a given session. This is common to happen toward the middle or end of a session, as people leave or if the population of swimmers is manageable.  


**In the event that the leisure pool is sold out, a patron may be allowed to use the Lap Pool for “lap swimming” or to use the shallow end to recreate, however, these swimmers will not be allowed to use the leisure pool without a wrist band

Sauna, Hot Tub and Therapy Pool:

A minimum age of 18 will be enforced for those who wish to use the sauna, hot tub or therapy pool. The therapy pool will be allowable for children, only if the child is part of a structured therapy or rehabilitation session or a participant during our parent/tot session on Tuesday/Thursday morning.